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Consumer Care LLC was established in 1999 by Tania Kerr, LSW. Consumer Care LLC‘s services at that time were Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Case Management, Therapy and Partial Care for persons diagnosed with a mental health disorder. In 2013 Psychosocial Rehabilitation was removed from the program and Community Based Rehabilitation Services replaced it. Consumer Care LLC currently provides Therapy, Community Based Rehabilitation Services, Partial Care, Case Management, and Peer Support Services.

In 2013 Consumer Care LLC instituted the Substance Abuse Disorder program, which is an outpatient program for those who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Those services include: individual counseling, group counseling, Case management, Recovery Coach and Peer support Services. Consumer Care LLC specializes in those diagnosed with a dual diagnosis meaning, those diagnosed with a mental health disorder as well as a substance abuse disorder. We offer all services under one roof which is a great benefit for those who struggle with a dual diagnosis.  

Consumer Care LLC also has a diversion program with Probation and Parole called “Life and Recovery Reconstruction,“ which enables someone who is on felony probation and diagnosed with a behavioral health diagnosis to receive proper treatment rather than going to prison.

Consumer Care LLC strives in making the lives of our clientele more manageable as well as more independent.




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